One way to ensure that your saree is useful even after you feel you no longer need it, is to donate it to someone less privileged. This works if the saree is in reasonably good condition. What if donating it to someone is not possible because of the condition of your saree? You can still ensure it is put to use. Here are dozens of ideas.

Window & Door Screen                               Door mat                                Bed Cover

Sheer saree curtains 2                      card



Bangles                                Laptop pouch                      Letter pouch

bangles      laptop pag               post card pouch

 Use Old Sarees to Style your Home

  •  Cushion covers – this is something we see in many houses already.
  •  Pillow Cases – if you wish to have the pillow cases really colorful and cool, print some design on to plain sarees before you make   them in the pillowcases
  •  Curtains – thin saris can be used as summer window/door curtains, and for winter, polycotton or silk saris would be a better fit
  •  Wall hanging and other decorative items – get creative while using sarees to make these
  •  Fabric wall art – Do some geometrically patterned sari fabric from old sarees in a picture frame-it’s instant wall art!
  •  Quilts – you can make quilts too from old sarees, but this might involve quite some work, especially if you wish the quilt to be really   classy.
  •  Table cloth - use the sari borders as for bordering the table cloth, extra lengths of the sari could be used for lining
  • Table Runners – you can make long table runners from saris and use the tassels as edging for it!
  • Placemats/table mats – obvious, though you should be careful while choosing which saree goes here!
  • Throws – make throws to warm up your favorite reading chair or diwan-colorful and functional
  • Partition Covers - screen off your bedroom with saris mounted in wooden frames-privacy with beauty!
  • Potholders – but remember to make these only from cottons for safety!
  • Bed Canopy – use Bengal Cotton Saris or Chikan Work sarees as old-fashioned bed-canopies.
  • Box Covers – use the sari to cover big cardboard or wooden boxes.
  • Laundry. jhola bags and shoe bags – simple bags can be used to store your laundry or shoes when you travel.
  • Floor Mats – Obvious idea, sometimes, depending on the thickness, you might want to fold and plait the saree to make a better mat
  • Tea and Coffee Coasters – quilt up silk coasters for occasions or cotton ones to use below your iced tea glasses!
  • Bedsheets – Obvious idea, we use this all the time at our house
  • Chair Seat Covers – Just imagine some gorgeous, colorful looking silk sarees as seat covers. Your house will be speaking tradition all around!
  • Letter Holders – some basic sewing and your silk sari can become a decorative letter holder with pockets that you can hang up in your office
  • Dust Cloths or Cloth Wipes – the ultimate home use for saris that cannot be salvaged!

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Make Useful Accessories with Old SareesRecycling & Reuse saree

  • Scarves  and head bands – one sari can give you so many scarves, perhaps for all your family members and friends too. You can make these look really cool and funky if you spend some time
  • Handkerchiefs – make soft cotton handkerchiefs.
  • Bandannas – stylish yet comfortable bandannas made from saris give you an ethnic look.
  • Women tops – this will require a bit of working, but what better material to make a top than a saree!
  • Skirts and other short wrap-arounds – the shorter versions of sarees could be skirts, mini-skirts, short wrap arounds, in short, any uncomplicated dress shorter than a saree!
  • Necklaces – some creatives ones can make some cool cloth necklaces from sarees, added with a dash of trinkets of course
  • Bags – this is fairly obvious, though not many do it…there’s no end to the bags you can make from a sari.
  • Coin Purses – you can make tiny zippered/button coin purses from our Kancheepuram saris
  • Soft Baby Shoes – make lovely shoes for your little ones
  • Spectacle Cases/ Pouches – make a stylish purse or pouch from old silk sarees
  • Mobile Phone, Tablet & Laptop Cases – you might want to try these with thicker fabric sarees though
  • Stuffed toys/softies – you can try making stuffed toys from silk
  • Journal/book covers – cover your diaries with removable fabric covers-you can change them with each season!
  • Aprons – convert those thick cotton sarees into functional aprons! Great for gift giving!

Would like to credit the wonderful 58 ways to recycle sarees post, from which many points for this post were taken.