Email from Sandra :

Please let me know where can I find the designed borders for saree pallu?

Hai Sandra,

  •  Most of the craft shops selling embroidery, kundan materials have these designer laces.
  • These are available there (preferably shops selling embroidery/sewing materials).  You should ask them for good quality patches or laces for saris. You not only get these borders but also small patch worked pieces if you want to scatter them all over your sari.
  • You will get very nice saree borders and other fancy stuff for saree designing (like small tinkles,bells,ghungroos etc to stitch at the edge of saree pallu) at the Gotewala shops in Mint Street in Chennai.
  • Jamuna store, Aathi street, villivakkam

Embroidered Sari Ribbon

Embroidered Sari Ribbon

saree border lace design

lace saree ribbon


Handwork Saree Ribbon



Stone Work Saree Ribbon ( Diamond Ribbon Wrap )

stone work ribbon


Bead Work Saree Ribbon 

bead ribbon


Zari Sari Ribbon

zari ribbon


Vintage Silk Sari Border 

Vintage Silk Sari Border